Online Bootcamp

9th Oct - 18th Nov
(Join anytime)

Six weeks | 7am GMT/ 10am GST. Mon, Wed, Fri and every other Sat 8:30am GMT 11:30am GST | 1500dhs

A dynamic, functional and results-driven six weeks programme to restore your routine, get you fitter, leaner and stronger.

Together We Achieve More... online!

During your pre consultation you will have a chance to discuss your individual health and fitness goals. During the bootcamp you will receive support and ongoing feedback to optimise your form, improve performance, and take your fitness to the next level based on your individual goals.

The online bootcamp is designed for you to see the results of working with a personal trainer whilst enjoying the fun of being part of a training group. The goal is to coach you through movement, burn as many calories as possible and work smarter and harder than you would by yourself.

Set to motivational music, every session is progressive and no session is ever the same. Alternative exercises are offered to any level and ability, from body weight training to any equipment you might have at home.

The bootcamp squad connects from multiple locations via Zoom and it is a great opportunity to keep you motivated and meet new people!

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20H NOV - 30TH DEC 2023